“Eliane Elias’ return to the Blue Note label after a decade working elsewhere (Something For You) is a triumph!”

All Music Guide Review by Ken Dryden, 4½ star review

Something for You is not only a heartfelt and pitch-perfect tribute to Evans, but also a personal triumph for Elias, one of the strongest albums of her career… sultry, suede-smooth vocals…

All About Jazz New York , January 2008

Virtuosismo e Elegancia… (Something for You)

Jose Miguel Sebastian , El Pais, Spain

Brazilian pianist/vocalist Eliane Elias returns to Blue Note after a seven-year hiatus with this wonderful tribute to Bill Evans… the variety of interpretive approaches assayed by Elias and her collaborators is, in itself, a highlight. Some are terrific trio instrumental, such as “You and the Night and the Music,” “Five” and “Blue in Green.” while solo efforts “I Love My Wife” and “For Nenette” highlight Elias’ keyboard virtuosity.

Billboard Something for You

Dreamer quotes

“Dreamer presents a sensuous blend of strings, singing and deft piano playing….her singing drifts above the melody in a sexy cloud. …. With its many moods and lovely turns, this record is the aural equivalent of a beautiful and graceful woman dancing in the dark.”

The Hartford Courant

“Luscious and dreamy… her voice is subtle and husky… subdued beauty, expressive melodic lines and very integrated ensemble work.”


“The undoubted charm is the haunting quality of Elias’ delicate, whispery vocals. Beautiful and bewitching”

Mojo (London)

“Elias’ singing is like a warm breeze from the south – its pleasures are undeniable. Elias’ tunes have a winning breeziness about them, and her piano playing remains marvelously impressionistic in a Bill Evans-meets-Antonio Carlos Jobim sort of way”

Boston Herald

“Eliane Elias, blessed with a warm voice and elegant pianist’s touch, hits all the right chords. Elias delivers seductive tones and textures of her native Brazil, joining them with masterful jazz tonalities.”

Global Rhythm

“One of the most enchanting and relaxing albums in quite a while. She sings perfect music for a lazy afternoon out in the sun or romantic dinner.. Treat yourself to an audio island paradise with Eliane Elias and Dreamer!”

Buzz Magazine

Around the City quotes

Eliane Elias is to jazz what Sade and Basia are to pop – a gifted vocal ballerina who glides across notes with whisper light her voice seemingly floating on a puffy cloud of comfortable lyricism almost as if she is sailing on a breeze.

Around The City Eliane Elias

by Duane Wells, 365Gay.com

On “Around The City”, pianist Elias assigns the keys a back seat in support of her alluring, sensuous vocals sung in English and Portuguese. The Brazil-born, New York-based Elias has played the singer card before in her 18-album career, but nothing like this outing, where she delivers a spellbinding meld of pop, Brazillian and Latin music with a jazz sensibility.

Billboard Spotlight Review August 14, 2006

…”If you love Julia Fordham, and who doesn’t, Sade and you have a real appreciation for jazz, this 13 track release has something for you to enjoy and savor over a glass of wine”.

Outlook Magazine Arizona August 11, 2006


The Brazilian bossa nova beauty’s 18th album is an essential summer chill-out CD, gorgeously blending smooth instrumentals and Elias’ subtle, mesmerizing voice. (Around the City)
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Additional General Quotes

“This is an exquisite session of delicate thunder, elegant exuberance, dazzling turbulence, restless frivolity and lyrical frenzy…(her) improvised interpretations of standards are stunning. Elias has released some impressive albums in past, but this one is, hands down her best offering.”

Dan Ouelette, CD Review, 1994 (Solos & Duets)

…a beautifully paced set with tremendous energy, cohesion and collective intuition. An unwavering melodist, Elias projects deep emotion and a strong blues feeling in her sound, informed by a lexicon of harmony, beats and attacks. And for a climax Elias transformed the Jobim chestnut “Desafinado” into something new, mixing intense bebop, idiomatic Brazilian rhythms, free playing and homegrown musique concrete into a scrumptious, well blended feijoida.

Ted Panken, Downbeat

“…has made formidable advances {in Jazz Music’s History} in terms of composition, technique and diversity.”

Leonard Feather, L.A. Times

“One of the best live shows I’ ve seen this year was pulled off by Brazilian jazz pianist Eliane Elias last month.. Elias seemed determined to create an entirely new space for what we consider jazz. Elias is a highly skilled and fluid jazz pianist-her lushly seductive vocal performances were followed by lengthy, impressively agile improvisations. The stellar soloing of Takeishi and Johnson gave Elias original material a dreamlike quality that seemed to lift the room”

New York Newsday

“…one of the strongest sets of the Festival”

Mount Hood , Earshot Jazz

“…superb, a sensitive and sexy walk through the Jobim songbook”

Jerome Wilson, Cadence

“Eliane Elias is a gifted musician. A pianist / singer / composer / producer / arranger, she has the uncanny ability to get straight to the heart of a song with a subtly emotional performance. Whether it is through her voice or her piano, Elias knows how to win over a listener

Richard Torres, Long Island Newsday

“Ms. Elias proved to be an exciting soloist with a confident, adventurous rhythmic approach. She led through eye contact with her band mates, fostering a responsive ensemble. Elias has hit her stride …Great playing, strong compositions, fresh interpretations, a signature ensemble sound.”

Richard Mayer, The Green Mountain Jazz Messenger

“(The Three Americas) The concept flies…Elias ventures from the Brazilian turf of her infectious opener, to a quasi-tango, to an urbane New-Yorkish swagger, all with her commanding touch.”

Josef Woodard, Entertainment Weekly

“…Eliane Elias has displayed an uncommonly wide range in her recordings of the past several years which have featured straight-ahead jazz, classical-influenced solo and duet works and the music of her native country. She has never been less than totally convincing in any style…”

Bob Blumenthal, Boston Globe