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I Thought About You

“Brazilian pianist-singer Eliane Elias offers an inspired tribute to cool jazz legend Chet Baker, a major influence on bossa nova pioneers like Joao Gilberto. Unlike other recent tributes, which focused on slow ballads reflecting the sadness in Baker’s music, Elias covers a wider spectrum of the trumpeter-singer’s repertoire by including up-tempo and mid-tempo tunes with a certain swagger and seductiveness on I Thought About You.”
Associated Press

“On her new album, I Thought About You: A Tribute to Chet Baker, the pianist and singer skillfully refashions the signature songs of the classic cool-jazz trumpeter and vocalist into Brazilian-style anthems.”
The New Yorker

“A Brazilian pianist with a transparent touch and a fondness for subtle harmonic shading, Ms. Elias is also a singer of breathy composure, as she demonstrates on her new album, I Thought About You: A Tribute to Chet Baker (Concord Jazz).”
The New York Times

“Its release timed to coincide with the 25th anniversary of Chet Baker’s death, Eliane Elias’ I Thought About You is the most satisfying of the many Baker tributes that have surfaced of late, because the Brazilian pianist and vocalist so keenly appreciates a key shared attribute. Like the perennially misunderstood Baker, wrongfully pegged as a tragedian, Elias is first and foremost a sensualist.”

“With I Thought About You, Elias acknowledges Baker and Brazilian jazz at the same time—and the results are consistently engaging.”
Jazz Inside Magazine

“The Brazilian jazz singer/pianist does justice to singer/trumpeter Chet Baker in this 14-song tribute.”
Vintage Guitar

“In addition to her own compositions, the versatile Brazilian pianist and vocalist Eliane Elias has done albums of the work of Antonio Carlos Jobim and of Bill Evans. She’s transformed songs by the Doors and Stevie Wonder and compositions of Bach and Ravel. On I Thought About You, she turns to Chet Baker, who with his West Coast cool-jazz compatriots influenced Brazil’s bossa nova movement, which blossomed in the 1950s… It’s a seductive delight.”
Philadelphia Inquirer

“Jazz requires a rare talent to play well and an even finer skill set to sing. Brazilian pianist/singer Eliane Elias demonstrates an effortless mastery of both on I Thought About You (A Tribute to Chet Baker). Gently swinging through an inspired selection of American standards, Ms. Elias and her band put a subtle bossa nova flavor on songs associated with Mr. Baker, the cool-blowing West Coast trumpeter who excelled both as singer and master of his instrument.”
Christian Science Monitor

“…Elias sings her Baker straight and uncomplicated, highlighting Baker’s own emotionally frozen though thoroughly attractive delivery. The result captures Baker’s dark and hiply sardonic singing personality. What Elias brings to the table is the breezy lilt of a Brazilian accent that increases the disc’s sensuality to eleven on a scale of ten.”
All About Jazz

“She is as delicate and attenuated as Baker ever was on I Thought About You, even while adding just the right amount of spicy São Paulo sensuality. Elias takes his romantic expressionism to exciting new places and, along the way, sparks a new appreciation for what Baker once meant — and for what Elias is still revealing about her own craft.”
Something Else!

“Featuring a selection of standards strongly associated with Baker, Elias mixes her native Brazilian bossa nova with swing, straight-ahead jazz, and even a few bluesy flourishes with much aplomb…Elias, who has also leaned toward playing melodic, often romantic music, is a perfect conduit for reinterpreting Baker’s music.”
All Music

“Pianist and singer Eliane Elias’ latest release is a tribute to trumpeter and singer Chet Baker. The album features more than a dozen standards strongly associated with Baker, delivered in a hushed, intimate, gently swinging style, which points to the similarities between Baker’s West Coast cool jazz sound and the bossa nova of Elias’ native Brazil.”
NYC Jazz Record

“Brazilian-born pianist, composer, and vocalist Eliane Elias is paying tribute to an American trumpet icon on a new album due for release on May 28…Elias brings to the concept her distinctive style — both vocally and at the piano — which blends traditional Brazilian music, bossa nova, and straight-ahead jazz. The 14-track album, I Thought About You: A Tribute to Chet Baker, features a group of acclaimed musicians, including her husband bassist Marc Johnson, trumpeter Randy Brecker, guitarists Steve Cardenas and Oscar Castro-Neves, drummer Victor Lewis, and percussionist Marivaldo Dos Santos.”
Voice of America

“Ms. Elias’ sensual vocals sustain the album, but Mr. Brecker’s virtuosity offers perspectives that not only complement her voice but do Baker justice. The sum total not only honors Chet Baker’s enduring genius, but places it solidly in the here and now.” ****
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“I came in thinking of Elias as a vocalist who plays piano. I left realizing she’s a great pianist who sings (also great, by the way).”
Burlington Free Press

“Whether it is the sorrow-tinged grace of ‘You Don’t Know What Love Is’ or the kittenish allure of the Gershwin gem ‘Embraceable You,’ and ‘Girl Talk’ Eliane Elias, a true native of San Paulo, Brazil exudes sensuality, sadness, joy and sophisticated know-how in any language as she proves beyond a doubt…Eliane’s tribute to Chet Baker succeeds on every level.”

“There is much to like about this release, not the least of which is the fact that Elias is a singer of self-possession and focus…[Baker] left a full yet incomplete jazz legacy. Eliane Elias breathes new life into an inspired sampling of his work.”
Audiophile Audition

“…a very enjoyable album.”
CD HotList

“All the songs heard here are about the romance of love and the humanity of our connection to life. Don’t miss Ms. Elias beautiful and sexy rendition of ‘Embraceable You.’ Listen and enjoy.”
Hill Rag (Wash, DC)

“In recognition to Baker’s talent, Brazilian-born pianist Eliane Elias looks back at his storied career by giving a fresh interpretation to many tunes identified with him, mixing ‘cool’ West Coast jazz grooves, with Brazilian-flavored tunes and some straight-ahead jazz.”
NewCity (Chicago)

“Put it all together, and you have an album that captures the spirit of Chet Baker without any attempts at imitation. It is a daring, but successful undertaking by Elias and her cohorts.”
Jersey Jazz

“Elaine Elias continues to give her best in her music and her desire to give her audiences this best is what keeps her creating and living inspired. Her sound is very personal, an offering of herself – an offering that continues to reach us deep within, just as she felt when she began this journey.”

“While Elias came to prominence with her Brazilian flair, as an interpreter of American standards one would be hard pressed to find an artist as stylish, elegant and sophisticated as Elias. Oh yeah…being a piano virtuoso does not hurt.” *****

“I Thought About You is an album of classic jazz standards and material. The arrangements and production on this CD are top notch, and get high marks for taste and quality of the performances. Eliane Elias sizzles on every track, and there’s no doubt that listeners will think about her and the CD long after the last track has played.”
The Entertainment Bank

“Taken separately, it’s easy to think the elements here wouldn’t work, but when put together this elegantly, the sum of the parts become grandly greater than the whole. A real left field winner that’s sure to raise eyebrows as Elias breaks new ground in a most unexpected way.”
Midwest Record

“The sense of time on this CD moves from some deep inner core that is so naturally ‘in the groove,’ that you can’t help but flow with it. And it made me consider, for the first time, if there is a lyricism of rhythm the same way there is for melody.”
Robert Fritz, award-winning film writer, director, composer & best-selling author

“So you are a leading Bossa Nova singer. Can you also do all those jazz classics associated with Chet Baker? If you are Eliane Elias, you can. With voice and piano. So how and why does someone get to be a terrific jazz singer and top shelf piano player? I don’t know. I just listen and count myself lucky. Because on this album, Elias isn’t just paying homage to Baker, she’s covering the Gershwins, Johnny Mercer, Richard Rodgers and Hoagy Carmichael. Among others. The first five or six songs are like an American classic Master Class.”
International Review of Music

“The sound quality is much better of course, but, in terms of arrangement, vocal styling and song choice, well I can easily picture Don Draper from ‘Mad Men’ having this one on the hi-fi.”
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

“Elias is a smart, witty singer who brings something fresh to songs that have been interpreted many times by jazz singers. She upends the dated lyrics of ‘Girl Talk’ with a slightly tongue-in-cheek reading, and even in the headlong rush of words of ‘Just in Time’ she never loses touch with the meaning of the lyric. Her playing is impeccable and exciting on I Thought About You, her singing passionate, her arrangements fresh. She’s recorded a lot of good discs, but none better than this.” ****
Ultra Audio Recording of the Month

“Sexy, sultry and often endearing, I Thought About You is definitely one of the best recordings Eliane Elias has ever made.” ****