Arguably one of the finest jazz duet albums ever produced, Mirror Mirror is a musical treasure full of gold and Grammy dust for Eliane Elias—and well deserved at that.”


“One could say that, rather than having a few highlights, all of the music on Mirror Mirror is one highpoint. Eliane Elias not only sounds inspired during her interactions with the two immortal pianists, but Corea and Valdes display plenty of enthusiasm at the opportunity to create music with her. Mirror Mirror is a gem.”

L.A. Jazz Scene

“Elias is a very empathetic, adept duet player—who seems to always know how to mesh with her pianistic partners, as this album again proves.”


“The performances are reminiscent of some of the best episodes of Marian McPartland’s Piano Jazz NPR radio series.”

NYC Jazz Record

“Singer, pianist, and Grammy-winner, Eliane Elias plays with the accuracy of an accountant, the punch of a pugilist, and the dexterity of a watchmaker.”

Icon Magazine

“Brazilian superstar, singer, pianist, and Grammy-winner, Eliane Elias sings like an angel, plays like the devil, is renowned for the sumptuous sparkling eloquence she brings to jazz. The Brazilian born classicist Eliane Elias has always been an inventive pianist who sings and an emotive vocalist who plays piano with the accuracy of an accountant, the punch of a pugilist, the dexterity of a watchmaker, and the improvisational esprit of an abstract expressionist painter. There is soul, solitude, smarts, wildness, and passion in everything classified as jazz and samba that Elias has executed since her recording career began ”

Icon Magazine

“A must for anyone that wants to hear beautiful instrumental music with a Latin flare.”

Midwest Record

“A heads up dear readers to a big highlight of the early autumn with the release of piano-duo album Mirror Mirror featuring the great Brazilian pianist Eliane Elias in duo with US jazz icon Chick Corea, alternating with Cuban titan Chucho Valdés.”


“The seven selections showcase not simply the virtuosity of the three, but the exquisite interplay between them.’

Jazz & Blues Magazine

“Rain or Shine Mirror Mirror is an introspective listen, that will have you searching your soul for answers while finding some much-needed inner peace.”


“The chemistry between Eliane Elias, Chucho Valdes and Chick Corea on Mirror, Mirror is an artistic marvel.”

Downbeat Magazine


“Now arrives Love Stories, imbued with lush arrangements and the typical passion that marks all of her work. It was created in trying times for Elias, but like diamonds and pearls, the pressure culminated in beauty.”

– All About Jazz

“Elias’ intoxicating vocals emote the ambient calm of a forest after a soft rain; her vibrancy is a force unto itself. With powerful artistry, her naturally prodigious talent is even stronger as the years pass—a feat capable only by the true elites of the musical world.” *****

– Downbeat

“Brazilian-born pianist/vocalist Eliane Elias continues her run of well-executed sessions for the Concord label with 2019’s lush and sultry Love Stories…At the core of each arrangement is Elias’ delicate, naturalistic vocals that recall such iconic Brazilian artists as Astrud Gilberto, Antônio Carlos Jobim, and Nara Leão.” ****

– AllMusic

“Brazilian music artist Eliane Elias showcases her mastery as a vocalist, pianist, composer, arranger, lyricist and producer on her new orchestral project, Love Stories.”


“The Brazilian pianist and singer Eliane Elias commands the keyboard with a forceful two-handed muscularity that belies her image as a blond older sister of the mythical Girl From Ipanema. The more percussive her pianism becomes, the more she opens up a song and reimagines it in what might be called a romantic carnival groove…….a celebration of the vitality of a culture overflowing with life and natural beauty”

– The New York Times

“Eliane Elias is no stranger to love songs, as a pianist and singer well versed in the bossa nova traditions of her native Brazil. Her new album, Love Stories, which arrives on Concord Jazz on Aug. 30, gives her a luxurious setting for such concerns…The orchestral strings were recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London, and they beautifully frame Elias’ singing, with its balance of sincerity and nonchalance.”

– Take Five WBGO.org

“Elias has stepped off in a different direction with Love Stories, one that should enable her to reach some new audiences.”

– Jersey Jazz

“Eliane Elias is one of the queens of making the most out of less as she keeps it soft, simple and sotto on this orchestral album tribute to the classic summit meeting between Frank Sinatra and Antonio Carlos Jobim…Songs and moods that are tall, tan, young and lovely.”

– Jazz Weekly

“…there are some sparkling piano moments on this CD, moments that enforce Eliane’s conviction that “the piano is an extension of my body and the deepest expression of my soul.” Her more lyrical side emerges in piano solos on “Angel Eyes” and “The View,” while “Little Boat,” a bossa and the only track with some Portuguese lyrics, finds her in her lilting comfort zone on the keys. The most forceful piano comes on a big, rocking version of “Come Fly With Me,” which also has her most suave and sultry vocal. It is the swinging center of an album that explores the shifting moods of love.”

– Hot House Jazz

“Love Stories is both substantial and relatable. The mood it creates and the place it takes you to are like a vacation you wish would never end.” ****1/2

– All About Jazz

“The title says it all: this is a smooth, sweet, lush, and gently rolling collection of jazz and pop love songs, all delivered with a bossa flavor by one of the smoothest and lushest of all jazz singers–and a very fine pianist, to boot…this is a great album overall.”

– CD HotList


“On the title track, [Elias] is joined by the bassist Eddie Gomez and the drummer Jack DeJohnette, and the trio creates a flamenco-like flow, moving comfortably from major to minor as Ms. Elias’s elegant solo gives way to a rumbling, extended statement from Mr. DeJohnette, forceful but not overpowering.”

– The New York Times Playlist

“Melodies, melodies, sumptuous melodies. That’s the central attraction of Eliane Elias’ new album, which also features dazzling bouts of improvisation…. One need not have any familiarity with the stage or film versions of Man of La Mancha to enjoy this excellent album, which is filled with hummable melodies and Elias’ impressive, right-hand improv flourishes.”

– DownBeat Editors’ Pick

“A Brazilian pianist of richly shaded harmonies, Ms. Elias is equally influenced by Bill Evans and bossa nova. She is about to release Music From Man of La Mancha, which finds her immersed in the songs of an old American Broadway production based on the story of Don Quixote. Recorded in the 1990s but never released until now, the album is full of frothy repartee between Ms. Elias and two rhythm sections.”

– The New York Times

“…an immensely lush album, a vibrant fusion of Elias’ Brazilian verve and the music’s Latin-meets-Broadway zest…”

– JazzTimes

“Elias’ governance on Music from Man of La Mancha is eclipsed only by her playing and arranging. Her intimate understanding of the tunes is balanced by imagination and taste. Thankfully, Concord is allowing jazz enthusiasts an opportunity to hear this fine recording at last.” ****

– AllMusic

“The musical’s most famous song, ‘The Impossible Dream,’ has been done to death but here sounds fresh and new again.”

– The Aquarian Weekly

“One listen to Elias…and you know she’s playing with a full quiver of creativity as well as a twinkle in her eye.”

– Blogcritics

“Eliane Elias is on a winning streak, and that’s saying something. She already established an individualistic voice on jazz piano for the past 37 years. In fact, having earned two GRAMMY awards in two of the last three years, Elias may be at a height of her career.”

– eJazzNews

“Concord is to be thanked for helping arrange for the release of this superb piano jazz recording that allows us to appreciate a side of Eliane Elias talent that gets overshadowed by her fine vocal jazz recordings.”

– Jazz & Blues Report

“Elias is a master of infusing improvisational virtuosity into the spirit of a song”

– Blogcritics

“Impressively strong…”

– Jazz Weekly

“Man of the Mancha posee renovada frescura y sobria elegancia. La pianista brasileña reinventa a un Hombre de la Mancha postrado en el olvidado. Asombra pensar que se grabó hace más de dos décadas.”

– Musicas del Mundo

“It’s a very hot, Latin-tinged, and incredible all-instrumental jazz rendition filled with passion and fury, with different tempos, harmony, and soloing…This is an outstanding, nine-track collection of jazz songs.”

– Toledo Blade


“…Dance of Time is as honestly authentic as it gets. Eliane Elias has been one of the genre’s most consistently masterful virtuosos and even when she’s looking back fondly, she is still moving forward confidently. Needless to say this is top shelf material and highly recommended.”

– All About Jazz

“Eliane Elias is on a recorded roll. Following the success of her Grammy-winning 2015 release Made in Brazil, the famed pianist, composer and vocalist is back with her new album Dance of Time, just released on the Concord Jazz label. A salute to both the 100th anniversary of the Brazilian samba, as well as Elias’ own multifaceted musical gifts, the album debuted at Number One on the iTunes Jazz Album Chart upon its release on March 24, 2017.”

– Keyboard

“Dance of Time, set for release March 24 on Concord Jazz, features esteemed Brazilian musicians including João Bosco and Toquinho, both known for their personal takes on bossa nova and other styles. Elias, a Sao Paulo native better known for performing in clubs and concert halls than shaking it on the streets, brings her cosmopolitan flair and her innate Brazilian groove to classics including ‘Samba de Orly’ and ‘Copacabana,’ as well as the Frank Sinatra standard ‘You’re Getting to Be a Habit With Me.’”

– Billboard

“…romantic Brazilian jazz, blending the rhythms and harmonies of samba, straight-ahead jazz and smoother fare.”

– The New York Times

“Dance of Time is inspired, deftly musical, and truly accessible to a wide range of listeners from jazz to pop to Brazilian music. It’s virtually flawless.” ***

– All Music

“The album is beautifully played and contains beautifully arranged classics…One of the things I greatly admire about Eliane is that she always – literally always – shows respect and reverence to her native culture and Brazilian (samba) music. On many occasions a lot of Brazilian artists and non-Brazilian artists betray the rich and lively roots of samba with the increasing obsession with Carnival as a tourist spectacle. With Dance of Time, Eliane stays true to those spiritual roots and marked yet again a triumphant return to record a Brazilian national treasure.”

– San Diego County News

“Elias, long acclaimed for her Brazilian and non-Brazilian albums (one being a superb tribute to the late Chet Baker), is delving deeply for this album, recorded in Brazil. She’s joined by a number of guests, among them ex-husband and trumpeter Randy Brecker, vibraphonist Mike Mainieri, Mark Kibble of Take 6, pianist Amilton Godoy (with whom she plays a duet), and guitarists Toquinho and João Bosco.

– Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“…a masterpiece that manages to nod to both old and new, and to the timelessness of the samba itself.”

– Pittsburgh Post-Gazette podcast

“In a few words, this album is simply breathtaking.”

– Information About Brazilian Jazz Legends and Rising Artists

“Grammy winning pianist-singer-composer-arranger Eliane Elias celebrates people integral in the formation of her four-decade career with this light-hearted, foot-tapping album that swings and soothes your soul like warm summer breeze.”

– Toledo Blade

“As so much Brazilian popular music and jazz, Dance of Time sounds easy on the ear and, often, deceptively simple — until you listen closely and take notice of the subtle harmonic and rhythmic turns…she is an engaging vocalist and remains a compelling pianist who swings hard and draws freely, and seemingly always elegantly, from blues, post-bop and Brazilian music.” ****

– Jazz with an Accent

“Elias has been a significant presence on the jazz and Latin jazz scene since she arrived in New York City in 1981. This album is a winning addition to her catalog of outstanding recordings.”

– Jersey Jazz

“Eliane Elias squarely hit the mark with the myriad of things she wanted to do with Dance of Time. Not only is it a celebration of her illustrious career, but also of her passion for her music and the happiness it brings to her listeners!”

– Nashville Blues Society

“Elias’s voice is characterful if small compared with Krall’s, but as an improvising pianist she puts the Canadian in the shade…Thanks to the sunny contours of Brazilian music and those soft-focus album sleeves, there are some who still dismiss Elias as jazz-lite. A show such as this demonstrates how wrong they are.” ****

– The Times (UK)

“Spectacular playing. Legend of the Bossa Queen, an artist at her peak, Elias is getting her dues. Her own exquisite ballad, ‘Little Paradise,’ fizzed with optimism, bathed you in warmth.” ****

– Evening Standard (UK)

“Some of the best Brazilian sounds come from the hand and voice of Eliane Elias. This one’s [Dance of Time] a must for fans of simmering sounds.”

– Jazz Weekly

“The performances on Dance of Time are remarkable and the recording quality is superb. Dance of Time is so far one of the best Brazilian-rooted albums of the year.”

– World Music Central

“…an exquisite recording of Brazilian jazz that is superbly sung and performed.”

– Jazz & Blues Report


“The entire concert celebrated the vitality of a culture overflowing with life and natural beauty”

-The New York Times

“Surrounded by Brazilian-bred luminaries, Elias brilliantly captures the complexities of human emotions in a seamless display that reconciles past and present, loss and fulfillment, melancholy and bliss, all while celebrating her homecoming.”

– Jazziz

“Recorded in São Paulo, this appealing album is her first made in Brazil since moving to the States, though seven cuts include strings that were recorded in London. A mixture of aural dreaminess and percussive drive gives Ms. Elias’s natural friskiness a soft focus. It might be described as make-out music with a beat.”

– New York Times

“Elias’ keyboard work is masterful, and her subtle vocals could melt the coldest of hearts. Her bossa nova and samba material mirrors the songbooks of the great Brazilian masters, including Roberto Menescal, who performs as a guest on two of the album’s standouts, ‘Você’ and ‘Rio.’”

– DownBeat

“Surrounded by Brazilian-bred luminaries, Elias brilliantly captures the complexities of human emotions in a seamless display that reconciles past and present, loss and fulfillment, melancholy and bliss, all while celebrating her homecoming.”

– Jazziz

“…a spellbinding pianist and singer carrying the torch for sensual Brazilian jazz…Elias’ new disc, Made in Brazil, reconciles classic bossa nova with some enchanting originals. It also happens to be the first disc she’s recorded in her home country since moving to the United States in 1981”


“One of the best things about the album and Elias’ current show is her musical tribute to Barroso, whose songs for Carmen Miranda in the 1940s helped popularize Brazilian music internationally. She performed another Barroso hit, ‘No Tabuleiro Da Baiana,’ a melody as tantalizing as the Bahian delicacies described in the lyrics. Elias’ approach was simple and persuasive: She put the song first, wielding her unaffected alto simply in its service. Only later, deeper into the song, did she display her fiery technique as pianist and arranger, at one point mixing things up delightfully by changing time signatures for a couple of measures before returning to the samba beat.”

– DownBeat.com

“Every homecoming should be this good…this is an album with a lot of heart, and impressive music and musicianship.” B+

– Arkansas Democrat Gazzette

“Eliane Elias can captivate audiences with both her prodigious piano skills and alluring voice. She returned to her roots for her latest album, Made in Brazil, choosing material ranging from the traditional to the contemporary.”

– DCist

“…a truly exquisite, elegant work of art… a truly fantastic recording.”

– The Jazz Page

“Elias’ purpose on this record was to honor the history of Brazilian jazz by bringing it into the context of the modern age. Among the things she did to accomplish this was collaborating with Roberto Menescal, a legendary composer, producer, guitarist and vocalist who was vital to the founding to Bossa Nova.”

– Falls Church News-Press (VA)

“Elaine Elias marks her 30th year as a recording artist with this lovely new album. Elias eschews the vocal histrionics of today’s pop princesses and sings in an inviting, mature manner that whispers like the breeze on a warm summer night…this outing is further proof of Elias’s staying power and consistency.”

– Long Island Pulse

“Renowned for her ability to blend instrumental jazz, classical, and her own Brazilian roots into a uniquely distinctive musical voice, pianist/singer/songwriter Eliane Elias has been a force to be recognized on the international jazz scene since the mid 1980s.”

– Jazzed

“A pianist and singer with achievements in a range of jazz and chamber-esque settings, Ms. Elias is never more sumptuously at home than when she turns to bossa nova: the subject of her new album, Made in Brazil…”

– New York Times

“Eliane Elias displays her full range of talents as a pianist, singer, composer, arranger and producer on her first recording in her native Brazil since moving to the U.S. to play jazz in 1981. She celebrates several generations of Brazilian composers, respecting the tradition while remaining thoroughly modern…Seamlessly switching from Portuguese to English, and blending American jazz with her Brazilian musical roots, Elias proves she’s right at home in both her native and adopted countries.”

– Associated Press

“Elias has firmly established herself as an consummate talent whether she behind the keyboard or in front of the microphone. The artist presented in these twelve tracks is an assured and polished professional who brings a subtle delicacy to this music. Made In Brazil is another glittering gem in Elias’ crown as the luminary leader of contemporary bossa nova, samba and Brazilian jazz.”

– All About Jazz

“…with its spectrum of top-flight Brazilian musicians young and old, the album embraces three generations of craftsmanship. And what a warm embrace it is. The orchestral arrangements, recorded at Abbey Road with the London Symphonic Orchestra and featured on seven tracks, are as dense and lush as the Amazon. The remaining tracks, though less dramatically verdant, are utterly luxurious.”

– Jazztimes

“One of the most prized Brazilian exports since coffee, five-time Grammy nominee Eliane Elias returns to the Dakota Jazz Club in downtown Minneapolis on March 31st for just one night, two shows. Widely acclaimed as a pianist, vocalist, and composer, Elias blurs the boundaries between Brazilian, jazz, and classical, but it’s her Brazilian roots that are on full display as she tours in celebration of her new recording, aptly titled Made in Brazil (Concord).”

– Jazzpolice

“While Elias has also been known for her recordings of Brazilian music, Made in Brazil, which comes out Tuesday (March 31), is the first album that she produced in Brazil since moving to the United States three decades ago. Sensual and breezy, the set – which includes classics ‘Waters of March’ and ‘Aquarela do Brasil,’ as well as six of her own compositions – transmits Elias’ delight at recording in her homeland with local musicians.”

– Billboard

“With English and Brazilian woven seamlessly, the romantic tension is as palpable as it is tasteful. It’s a pleasure to surrender to Elias’ seductive vocalizing. Throughout this is music that, to quote Jobim, is ‘a joy in your heart.’”

– New York City Jazz Record

“Elias just released Made in Brazil on Concord Records that visits her Brazilian roots in a new way. She has weaved Brazilian music into many albums, and even done entire projects covering it. But her new recording looks at some of the songs in a different light, adding orchestrations, lush background vocals, and contemporary arrangements, all as a salute to her homeland. It’s another outstanding creation, music she will be taking around the world in 2015.”

– All About Jazz

“…the result is an album that demands nomination for the next Grammy Awards.…more than a collection of songs. It’s a rich, full-bodied, suite-like assemblage of irresistibly appealing music. And the more you hear it, the more it reaches out to reward its listeners with the fullest range of emotional riches.”

– International Review of Music

“In recent years, Brazilian-born Eliane Elias has been exploring the music of her native country (as opposed to the contemporary-oriented albums of her early career). For her latest album, she even got out of the comfort zone of recording Stateside in favor of a studio in São Paulo—something she had not done since she emigrated…Made In Brazil (Concord) contains a mix of originals and covers featuring guest appearances from a cappella group Take 6, bossa nova pioneer Roberto Menescal and genre-bending singer-songwriter Ed Motta. The record includes very personal takes on Antonio Carlos Jobim’s ‘Waters of March’ and Ary Barroso’s ‘Brasil.’”

– New City Chicago

“The result is a work of unrelenting brightness and vitality, sensual grooves, and romantic melodies…Elias goes back and forth between acoustic piano and electric piano on the record, her melodic lines soaring through the arrangements. Even with the symphonic strings added on some cuts, her keyboard lines are the focal point of everything, working in marvelous synchronization with the rhythms.”

– Patriot Ledger

“Throughout her career, Eliane Elias has delivered a steady stream of sophisticated, smartly conceived albums showcasing her adroit piano skills and delicate vocal style. Her 2015 effort, Made in Brazil, is no exception and finds her celebrating her Brazilian heritage with a handful of adeptly produced Bossa Nova and jazz songs…sophisticated, lushly produced cuts that straddle the line between crisp Bossa Nova, sultry contemporary R&B, and glossy crossover jazz.” ***1/2

– All Music

“Born in Brazil as well as ‘made’ there, the jazz and classical pianist, singer and composer shows off her roots on a record that features samba, smooth jazz, radio pop and bossa nova pieces from Brazil’s lion of the form, Antonio Carlos Jobim.”

– Milwaukee Journal Sentinal

“It’s a masterpiece and proof that Elias is the best Brazilian vocalist in the world…Eliane Elias has been nominated 5 times for a Grammy award. Listen to Made in Brazil and you’ll hear another nomination knocking on the door.”

– Rad’s Reference Reviews

“Elias wears many hats on this project as producer, composer, lyricist, arranger, pianist and vocalist. Along with co-producers, Steve Rodby and Marc Johnson, her bass-playing husband, Elias recruited a splendid cast of Brazilian musicians that include electric bassist Marcelo Mariano; guitarists Marcus Teixeira and Roberto Menescal; drummers Edu Ribeiro and Rafael Barata; and percussionists Mauro Refosco and Marivaldo dos Santos.”

– Jazziz

“All of the selections on the Made in Brazil CD reveal Eliane Elias’ great talents as a studio producer and arranger: she puts all of her decades of training to impeccable use in arranging her songs with flawless timing, played by top-quality musicians with not a note out of place! Made in Brazil is a laid-back album which showcases the finest and the best Brazilian music which just so happens to be presented by one of Brazil’s most pure, most sensuous voice – a Latin female riposte to Smokey Robinson, Eliane Elias.”

– San Diego County News

“…the sound is meticulously crafted and built around improvisational music with an occasional classical flair. Six originals confirm her astounding compositional skill while her vocal style is beyond reproach…A true collaborative effort, it is the ability to nuance deceptively subtle sounds and textures that is the key to both the artistic brilliance of Elias and perhaps the best release of the year with Made in Brazil. Flawless.” *

– Bop-N-Jazz

“Her immersive attention to detail, not to mention Eliane Elias’ passion for the sounds that vibrate inside her very DNA here, give Made in Brazil its power — and its lasting gravitas. This is a new album that sounds like it’s always been here, with ‘Brasil’ as its ageless introduction.”

– Something Else!

“…a truly exquisite album…”

– World Music Central

“Many people outside of Brazil think strictly of bossa nova when someone mentions Brazilian music. Elias demonstrates on this album that Brazilian music is far more diverse than that, and does so with supreme artistry.”

– New Jersey Jazz Society


“Eliane Elias’ memorable performance at Catalina Bar & Grill last night was an impressive reminder of the creative interpretations that the Brazilian-born pianist/singer brings to every song she touches…Any performance by Eliane is rich with Brazilian authenticity…one of the most imaginative jazz artists of her generation….should be seen and enjoyed by all fans of the jazz vocal art, which Eliane has mastered, blending her exquisite singing and irresistible piano jazz.”

– Don Heckman, The International Review of Music

“Brazilian pianist-singer Eliane Elias offers an inspired tribute to cool jazz legend Chet Baker, a major influence on bossa nova pioneers like Joao Gilberto. Unlike other recent tributes, which focused on slow ballads reflecting the sadness in Baker’s music, Elias covers a wider spectrum of the trumpeter-singer’s repertoire by including up-tempo and mid-tempo tunes with a certain swagger and seductiveness on I Thought About You.”

– Associated Press

“On her new album, I Thought About You: A Tribute to Chet Baker, the pianist and singer skillfully refashions the signature songs of the classic cool-jazz trumpeter and vocalist into Brazilian-style anthems.”

– The New Yorker

“A Brazilian pianist with a transparent touch and a fondness for subtle harmonic shading, Ms. Elias is also a singer of breathy composure, as she demonstrates on her new album, I Thought About You: A Tribute to Chet Baker (Concord Jazz).”

– The New York Times

“Its release timed to coincide with the 25th anniversary of Chet Baker’s death, Eliane Elias’ I Thought About You is the most satisfying of the many Baker tributes that have surfaced of late, because the Brazilian pianist and vocalist so keenly appreciates a key shared attribute. Like the perennially misunderstood Baker, wrongfully pegged as a tragedian, Elias is first and foremost a sensualist.”

– JazzTimes

“With I Thought About You, Elias acknowledges Baker and Brazilian jazz at the same time—and the results are consistently engaging.”

– Jazz Inside Magazine

“The Brazilian jazz singer/pianist does justice to singer/trumpeter Chet Baker in this 14-song tribute.”

– Vintage Guitar

“In addition to her own compositions, the versatile Brazilian pianist and vocalist Eliane Elias has done albums of the work of Antonio Carlos Jobim and of Bill Evans. She’s transformed songs by the Doors and Stevie Wonder and compositions of Bach and Ravel. On I Thought About You, she turns to Chet Baker, who with his West Coast cool-jazz compatriots influenced Brazil’s bossa nova movement, which blossomed in the 1950s… It’s a seductive delight.”

– Philadelphia Inquirer

“Jazz requires a rare talent to play well and an even finer skill set to sing. Brazilian pianist/singer Eliane Elias demonstrates an effortless mastery of both on I Thought About You (A Tribute to Chet Baker). Gently swinging through an inspired selection of American standards, Ms. Elias and her band put a subtle bossa nova flavor on songs associated with Mr. Baker, the cool-blowing West Coast trumpeter who excelled both as singer and master of his instrument.”

– Christian Science Monitor

“…Elias sings her Baker straight and uncomplicated, highlighting Baker’s own emotionally frozen though thoroughly attractive delivery. The result captures Baker’s dark and hiply sardonic singing personality. What Elias brings to the table is the breezy lilt of a Brazilian accent that increases the disc’s sensuality to eleven on a scale of ten.”

– All About Jazz

“She is as delicate and attenuated as Baker ever was on I Thought About You, even while adding just the right amount of spicy São Paulo sensuality. Elias takes his romantic expressionism to exciting new places and, along the way, sparks a new appreciation for what Baker once meant — and for what Elias is still revealing about her own craft.”

– Something Else!

“Featuring a selection of standards strongly associated with Baker, Elias mixes her native Brazilian bossa nova with swing, straight-ahead jazz, and even a few bluesy flourishes with much aplomb…Elias, who has also leaned toward playing melodic, often romantic music, is a perfect conduit for reinterpreting Baker’s music.”

– All Music

“Pianist and singer Eliane Elias’ latest release is a tribute to trumpeter and singer Chet Baker. The album features more than a dozen standards strongly associated with Baker, delivered in a hushed, intimate, gently swinging style, which points to the similarities between Baker’s West Coast cool jazz sound and the bossa nova of Elias’ native Brazil.”

– NYC Jazz Record

“Brazilian-born pianist, composer, and vocalist Eliane Elias is paying tribute to an American trumpet icon on a new album due for release on May 28…Elias brings to the concept her distinctive style — both vocally and at the piano — which blends traditional Brazilian music, bossa nova, and straight-ahead jazz. The 14-track album, I Thought About You: A Tribute to Chet Baker, features a group of acclaimed musicians, including her husband bassist Marc Johnson, trumpeter Randy Brecker, guitarists Steve Cardenas and Oscar Castro-Neves, drummer Victor Lewis, and percussionist Marivaldo Dos Santos.”

– Voice of America

“Ms. Elias’ sensual vocals sustain the album, but Mr. Brecker’s virtuosity offers perspectives that not only complement her voice but do Baker justice. The sum total not only honors Chet Baker’s enduring genius, but places it solidly in the here and now.” ****

– Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“I came in thinking of Elias as a vocalist who plays piano. I left realizing she’s a great pianist who sings (also great, by the way).”

– Burlington Free Press

“Whether it is the sorrow-tinged grace of ‘You Don’t Know What Love Is’ or the kittenish allure of the Gershwin gem ‘Embraceable You,’ and ‘Girl Talk’ Eliane Elias, a true native of San Paulo, Brazil exudes sensuality, sadness, joy and sophisticated know-how in any language as she proves beyond a doubt…Eliane’s tribute to Chet Baker succeeds on every level.”


“There is much to like about this release, not the least of which is the fact that Elias is a singer of self-possession and focus…[Baker] left a full yet incomplete jazz legacy. Eliane Elias breathes new life into an inspired sampling of his work.”

– Audiophile Audition

“…a very enjoyable album.”

– CD HotList

“All the songs heard here are about the romance of love and the humanity of our connection to life. Don’t miss Ms. Elias beautiful and sexy rendition of ‘Embraceable You.’ Listen and enjoy.”

– Hill Rag (Wash, DC)

“In recognition to Baker’s talent, Brazilian-born pianist Eliane Elias looks back at his storied career by giving a fresh interpretation to many tunes identified with him, mixing ‘cool’ West Coast jazz grooves, with Brazilian-flavored tunes and some straight-ahead jazz.”

– NewCity (Chicago)

“Put it all together, and you have an album that captures the spirit of Chet Baker without any attempts at imitation. It is a daring, but successful undertaking by Elias and her cohorts.”

– Jersey Jazz

“Elaine Elias continues to give her best in her music and her desire to give her audiences this best is what keeps her creating and living inspired. Her sound is very personal, an offering of herself – an offering that continues to reach us deep within, just as she felt when she began this journey.”

– iRockJazz

“While Elias came to prominence with her Brazilian flair, as an interpreter of American standards one would be hard pressed to find an artist as stylish, elegant and sophisticated as Elias. Oh yeah…being a piano virtuoso does not hurt.” *

– @CriticalJazz

“I Thought About You is an album of classic jazz standards and material. The arrangements and production on this CD are top notch, and get high marks for taste and quality of the performances. Eliane Elias sizzles on every track, and there’s no doubt that listeners will think about her and the CD long after the last track has played.”

– The Entertainment Bank

“Taken separately, it’s easy to think the elements here wouldn’t work, but when put together this elegantly, the sum of the parts become grandly greater than the whole. A real left field winner that’s sure to raise eyebrows as Elias breaks new ground in a most unexpected way.”

– Midwest Record

“The sense of time on this CD moves from some deep inner core that is so naturally ‘in the groove,’ that you can’t help but flow with it. And it made me consider, for the first time, if there is a lyricism of rhythm the same way there is for melody.”

– Robert Fritz, award-winning film writer, director, composer & best-selling author

“So you are a leading Bossa Nova singer. Can you also do all those jazz classics associated with Chet Baker? If you are Eliane Elias, you can. With voice and piano. So how and why does someone get to be a terrific jazz singer and top shelf piano player? I don’t know. I just listen and count myself lucky. Because on this album, Elias isn’t just paying homage to Baker, she’s covering the Gershwins, Johnny Mercer, Richard Rodgers and Hoagy Carmichael. Among others. The first five or six songs are like an American classic Master Class.”

– International Review of Music

“The sound quality is much better of course, but, in terms of arrangement, vocal styling and song choice, well I can easily picture Don Draper from ‘Mad Men’ having this one on the hi-fi.”

– Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

“Elias is a smart, witty singer who brings something fresh to songs that have been interpreted many times by jazz singers. She upends the dated lyrics of ‘Girl Talk’ with a slightly tongue-in-cheek reading, and even in the headlong rush of words of ‘Just in Time’ she never loses touch with the meaning of the lyric. Her playing is impeccable and exciting on I Thought About You, her singing passionate, her arrangements fresh. She’s recorded a lot of good discs, but none better than this.” ****

– Ultra Audio Recording of the Month

“Sexy, sultry and often endearing, I Thought About You is definitely one of the best recordings Eliane Elias has ever made.” ****



“Eliane Elias stands out from other Brazilian singers because she not only has a deep-rooted feel for the rhythms of her native land but also is fluent in the American jazz idiom after spending some 30 years in the United States. Light My Fire showcases her talents as a four-tool player — singer, pianist, arranger and songwriter — with a romantic collection of classic Brazilian songs, American pop and jazz standards set to Brazilian grooves, and original tunes. She’s supported by top flight Brazilian and American musicians, including her rhythm section of guitarist Oscar Castro-Neves, drummer Paulo Braga and her husband, bassist Marc Johnson…a fitting soundtrack for warm summer nights.”

– Associated Press

“Bright as August along the Costa del Sol and breezy as an Hawaiian lanai, the latest from Brazilian pianist-vocalist-arranger Eliane Elias is possibly the most refreshing summertime jazz album since Getz met the Gilbertos…Elias’ slow, sensual treatment of the Doors’ title track is a masterpiece of musical foreplay, her dusky reinterpretation of ‘Take Five’ and gossamer cover of Stevie Wonder’s ‘My Cherie Amour’ equally enticing.”

– JazzTimes

“Sultry Brazilian singer/pianist Eliane Elias wraps her jazzy bossa nova style around familiar top 40 radio chestnuts as well as some homeland favorites on her smooth new release, Light My Fire. The title seems like a fait acccompli, the way she coos her way through the title song, swings softly on Brubeck’s ‘Take Five’ and turns Stevie Wonder’s ‘My Cherie Amour’ into a sexy slow jam. And with countrymen Oscar Castro-Neves and drummer Paulo Braga laying down irresistible grooves, you’ll wonder ‘is it hot in here? Or is it just…’”

– Christian Science Monitor

“Pianist/vocalist/composer/arranger Eliane Elias delves into matters of the heart on her latest release, Light My Fire (Concord Picante). Featuring a collection of self-penned scores as well as covers of familiar all time classics such as the Jim Morrison and The Doors mega hit title track, pop icon Stevie Wonder’s ‘My Cherie Amour,’ and jazz giant Paul Desmond’s ‘Take Five,’ Elias transforms these musical gems and everything she touches into passionate and joyful interpretations. Backed by a crew of such top caliber players as Gilberto Gil (guitarist/vocalist), Randy Brecker (trumpet), Oscar Castro-Neves (guitar), Marc Johnson (bass), Paulo Braga (drums), and Marivaldo dos Santos (percussion), Elias takes us on a musical voyage of the heart while touching on the romantic, sexy and passionate sides of Brazilian jazz.”

– Latin Beat

“Smoldering like an ember on a rainy night…With a voice as smoky and warm as a dark Creole roux, …[Eliane] provides some of the most sensual, un-gimmicky sounds in our digital world….From familiar favorites like the Dave Brubeck theme song ‘Take Five’ and Stevie Wonder’s ‘My Cherie Amour’ to her original composition ‘Bate Bate’ (pronounced ‘Batchi-Batchi,’ what the beat of the human heart sounds like in Rio), the sambas overflow in a throwback to the surprising, infectious rhythms that started the bossa nova craze 50 years ago. But Eliane Elias is also fresh, contemporary and sexy, taking classics by João Gilberto and Antonio Carlos Jobim in a whole new direction. There really is nobody like her, and you owe it to yourself to catch her while the mic is still hot. Buy Light My Fire—it will cool your summer.”

– New York Observer

“Even after more than 20 records over the course of 30 years, Brazilian jazz singer/pianist/composer/arranger Eliane Elias’ creative and passionate fire has yet to go out…Elias plies her distinctly alluring and sultry voice into songs rendered in Portuguese and English. She turns the Doors’ “Light My Fire” into a slow, simmering bossa nova dirge, while ‘Isto Aqui O Que E’ oozes with the essence of joyful Brazilian jazz. Heated by Elias’ creative and nimble hands and voice, Light My Fire will re-ignite anyone’s love for classic Brazilian jazz and pop.”

– Virginian-Pilot

“Since 1984, Elias has recorded over 20 albums and established herself as an accomplished jazz pianist and increasingly as a singer…The singing is front and center on her new album Light My Fire, which features an all-star supporting cast including Gilberto Gil, Romero Lubambo, Oscar Castro-Neves and Randy Brecker, as well as her husband and long-time collaborator, bassist Marc Johnson. The breezy and sensual album features Elias singing (and playing) originals, classic Brazilian compositions and some interesting covers, including Stevie Wonder’s ‘My Cherie Amour’ and the title song by Jim Morrison and the Doors.”

– JazzTimes.com

“The Brazilian singer songwriter and pianist Eliane Elias does sultry very well. For years, she has transcended any badge that listeners might want to hang on her as she effortlessly veered between instrumental jazz and vocal pop and lately, both genres. Her glam style makes her instantly recognizable, but it’s her immensely pleasurable vocals that kiss every tune. As a pianist, Elias is plainly enviable.”


“Un disco teñido de la sapiencia que sólo los años pueden otorgar.”

– AARP Espanol

“…the Brazilian pianist-singer’s bossa-samba tracks – about half the album – are special, extra-special when Gilberto Gil joins her. (He is on three tunes.) The band, with guitarist Oscar Castro-Neves, is superb.”

– San Jose Mercury News

“With vocals that simply drip sensuality, and a polished piano technique that has established her as one of the most talented practitioners on today’s jazz scene, Sao Paulo-born Eliane Elias is a formidable artist…Light My Fire accomplishes a delicate balance between the connected worlds of ultra-cool jazz, sexy bossa nova pieces and timeless pop anthems.”

– Ejazz News

“Brazilian born Eliane Elias is no stranger to recordings, having produced over 20 albums in a wide variety of styles. In addition to her jazz pedigree as a respected keyboard player, singer, and arranger, Elias also has a classical music background and composes original music. Light My Fire contains four of her originals and several lightly swinging laid-back bossa nova tunes. What’s likely to attract the most attention are the remarkable covers of the title song and Paul Desmond’s “Take Five.” “Light My Fire” is re-imagined as a sexy samba, and whereas Jim Morrison’s original performance demands and pleads, Elias slyly cajoles and invites. “Take Five” features wordless vocals and a new development section that Elias created. Often, her vocal line is doubled by Randy Brecker’s trumpet. The recording clearly places Brecker behind Elias, and the unanimity of phrasing makes for a somewhat eerie, ghostly impression. I was hearing this sound in my head long after I’d shelved the disc. The balances on the rest of the tracks are exemplary and satisfying, with tight bass and warm upper frequencies. All in all, this is an appealing CD that would be a perfect summertime companion.”

– Good Sound!

“Since the mid-1980s, pianist/vocalist Eliane Elias has grafted various elements of jazz, pop, soul and other styles to her deep Brazilian roots to create a hybrid groove. Her forthcoming album, Light My Fire — set for a May 31 release on Concord Picante, a division of Concord Music Group — wields this universal sound to explore the various corners of the human heart. Along with four compositions written or co-written by Elias herself, the album also includes covers of familiar works by Jim Morrison and the Doors (the title track), Stevie Wonder (‘My Cherie Amour’) and jazz saxophonist Paul Desmond (‘Take Five’). Elias weaves it all together into a cohesive whole by injecting each of the 12 songs with distinctly Brazilian grooves that alternate between the fiery and passionate to the cool and sophisticated.”

– Jazziz.com

“Light My Fire (Concord Picante) finds the pianist and vocalist Eliane Elias filtering an array of love songs through a breezy bossa nova lens. Her partner, musically as well as romantically, is Mr. Johnson, a bassist of supple erudition.”

– New York Times

“[Elias is] a nonpareil keyboardist, evidence of which can be found on her new album, Light My Fire, on which she covers the Doors (of course), Paul Desmond, Stevie Wonder and more. Stellar bassist Marc Johnson anchors the band.”

– Time Out New York

“Light My Fire is not a disc for the jazz purist. But it is highly recommended for those still treasuring their old Gilberto and Sergio Mendes platters as well as newer devotees of the temperate strains of classic Brazilian pop.”

– Jazz Inside Magazine

“Brazilian jazz pianist/singer Eliane Elias takes it all back home with cool-groovin’ samba classics and bossa-novasized versions of ‘My Cherie Amour,’ ‘Take Five’ and the title track on Light My Fire (Concord, A-). Support cast includes Brazilian legend Gilberto Gil, Elias’ Philly-spawned ex-hubby Randy Brecker and daughter Amanda Brecker.”

– Phila. Daily News

“June has arrived. That means it’s time to find a ‘summer album’—a disc that will go into heavy rotation for road trips, beach walks and other outdoor festivities. The latest release from singer/pianist Eliane Elias, Light My Fire, fits the bill, with its intoxicating mixture of original and iconic songs flavored by the bossa nova vibe of her native Brazil.”

– DownBeat.com

“The newest disc from Brazilian-American pianist and singer Eliane Elias is engaging for its romantic flavors, her virtuosic playing, and a great selection of music.”

– Santa Fe New Mexican

“Brazilian pianist, vocalist and composer Eliane Elias explores Afro-Brazilian rhythms in her latest album, titled Light My Fire. This time she has regained her fiery piano and vocal energy by adding samba and Afro-Brazilian beats from Bahia…Light My Fire is a striking combination of jazz and Afro-Brazilian rhythms by one of the most interesting Brazilian musicians based in the United States.”

– World Music Central

“After releasing more than twenty records, jazz sensation, Eliane Elias comes out with a real ‘jewel’ that she says just came to her. Just the album name, Light My Fire, combines two things you probably never heard in the same sentence: Jazz music and the ’60s rock band, The Doors…Together with an elite team of musicians, Elias combines a smooth ‘cool and sexy’ style with her Brazilian roots.”

– Fox News Latino

“…Brazilian jazz has enjoyed a worldwide following through the music of veterans and younger artists like Ivan Lins and Eliane Elias, whose gifts as singer, songwriter, arranger and pianist give her the sort of mainstream appeal Gilberto herself had in the mid-‘60s. On Light My Fire, Elias, joined by vocalist Gilberto Gil, trumpeter Randy Brecker and guitarist Oscar Castro-Neves, offers a diverse, swinging and immensely satisfying blend of Brazilian material and more…Projecting authority and a fertile creative mind, Elias has created a near-flawless effort, one reaffirming the elegance and timelessness of jazz from Brazil.”

– Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“…[Elias] has always been a highly innovative pianist, and coupled with her unique voice and abilities as composer and songwriter of popular songs, she continues to be a visible and enjoyable jazz icon in contemporary jazz music. There is nobody just like her, for she is one of a special kind. Her piano stylings continue to dazzle and hypnotize!…Light My Fire is a lovely, memorable encounter. Every song performance is a winner on this CD collection and well-worth the listener’s time…a fine CD collection in all aspects. Highly recommended.”

– JazzReview.com

“Elias, a fine pianist as well as a singer, offers versions of songs from her native land as well as South American-flavored versions of the title song, ‘My Cherie Amour’ and ‘Take Five,’ on which she does a tasty, wordless vocal. The album also gets great help from guitarists Oscar Castro-Neves and Romero Lubambo, trumpeter Randy Brecker and bassist Marc Johnson.”

– Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

“La voz sensual de la brasileña Eliane Elias y el genio de Gilberto Gil se unen por primera vez en Light My Fire, grabación de la también pianista de jazz que incluye versiones de clásicos de The Doors y Stevie Wonder.”

– Associated Press Spanish

“Brazilian jazz pianist, vocalist Eliane Elias’ 2011 Concord Picante debut Light My Fire is a romantic and sultry affair that showcases her knack for traditional bossa nova tunes as well as few inspired covers. Joining Elias here are a few special guests including Brazil legend Gilberto Gil, who sings on three tracks, as well as singer Amanda Brecker (Elias’ daughter with trumpeter Randy Brecker) who appears on ‘Toda Menina Baiana.’ Also backing Elias are a bevy of talented individuals, including producer/bassist Marc Johnson, guitarist Oscar Castro-Neves, percussionists Rafael Barata and Paulo Braga, and trumpeter Brecker. Along with Elias’ slow-burn take on the Doors’ title track, she delivers a stylish version of ‘My Cherie Amour,’ adds her own lyrics to trumpeter Kenny Dorham’s ‘Stay Cool,’ and even delves into Paul Desmond’s classic ‘Take Five.’”

– All Music

“Light My Fire is to me a great presentation of the music of living life as lived in Brazil. Eliane Elias is a top-class artist and a joy to listen to. The recording is high quality and clear. It is a kaleidoscope of sounds, rhythms and expressions of life.”

– Audiophile Audition

“RECOMMENDED…one of this year’s most enjoyable jazz records yet.”

– New City (Chicago)

“Ah!…Brazil. The effervescing sound and at times, refreshingly relaxed, is on full display with Light My Fire by Eliane Elias. The emotional core of all the songs focuses on love’s many lovers…oh, I meant layers. Whether it is love of your fellow man, a love brought forth by circumstance or just the sparkle of good ol’ fashioned romance, Elias excels by hitting a bull’s-eye through the heart…Slip Light My Fire on and relax to her passionate summertime time-out.”

– EDGE Magazine

“Brazilian jazz pianist and singer Eliane Elias is exquisitely exceptional on her latest. You are going to love her soft, incandescent voice…”

– HillRag

“This album is a treat of the highest order–equally enjoyed playing with children on the beach, or over a nice sunset après sun. Buy this on May 31 and be the envy of your friends, which we know is one of the chief joys of summer entertaining!”

– [Q]onStage

“…Eliane’s beautiful voice makes you fall in love with the album, and the last track being a romantic ballad seems to be the perfect closure to Light My Fire, a strong album, ambitious but never pretentious.”

– SoundsandColorus.com

“With a summer breeze voice that reminds of Astrid Gilberto but is more woman that coquette, Elias has rounded third and is heading toward home for that jazz Grammy next winter. Hot stuff throughout as she puts the boss in bossa nova.”

– Midwest Record

“There’s is a tremendous amount of variety on Eliane Elias’ new Concord release, Light My Fire. Eliane has a telepathic connection with her top-drawer rhythm section, including veteran guitarist Oscar Castro-Neves, bassist Marc Johnson, and drummer Paulo Braga. The legendary Gilberto Gil joins Elias on ‘Toda Menina Baiana’…Nearly all of the songs were done on first take and the CD represents very well what Elias delivers in live performance.”

– Slacker.com

AARP Espanol has chosen Eliane’s version of “Take 5” as one of the top 10 Latin Jazz recordings of all time.
No es fácil el arte de Eliane Elias. Proveniente de Sao Paulo, la pianista y cantante brasileña toca música suave, sutil y sensual. En otras manos, el mismo estilo se transformaría en música para supermercados y ascensores. Pero Elias tiene un gusto irreprochable y el virtuosismo de su piano aparece cuando tiene que aparecer. Durante su adolescencia, trabajó con Toquinho y el poeta de la bossa nova, Vinicius de Moraes. Trasladarse a Estados Unidos le permitió desarrollar una carrera fructífera en el jazz latino, con docenas de discos que enfatizan las melodías de la samba, el jazz y la bossa. Un ejemplo perfecto de sus habilidades es esta flamante versión vocal de la archiconocida Take Five de Dave Brubeck. Elias la reviste de terciopelo


Elegant is one way to describe Light My Fire, the new album release by Brazilian pianist-singer-songwriter Eliane Elias, who while still in her teens was mentored by fellow Brazilians, singer-songwriter Toquinho and Vinicius de Moraes who co-wrote and served as the lyricist for Antonio Carlos Jobim. While heavily influenced by Jazz it would be far too limiting to describe Elias’ new album as simply a Jazz recording. The elements of Pop and Adult Contemporary are evident throughout the songs. Breathtaking is the word that comes to mind while listening to the title song, as Ms. Elias accompanies herself beautifully on piano, while bassist Marc Johnson’s and drummer Paulo Braga’s playing is so subtle, it is like whispering in your lover’s ear. Eliane Elias’ voice is seductive and her phrasing is evocative. Eliane Elias has created a musical masterpiece with Light My Fire, an album that will sweep you away to another place and time, find a special place in your heart and leave you longing for the one you love or to be in love again. The arrangements are breathtaking, the musicianship is exquisite and Eliane Elias is elegant. This is a Grammy Award worthy performance by one of the most gifted ladies on the music scene today, in any genre.

– Riveting Riffs

“In a career that spans around 30 years and over 20 albums, singer and pianist Eliane Elias has come to epitomize a cool, sophisticated jazz sensibility, especially on the bossa nova songs of her native Brazil. On Light My Fire, she set out to extend the range of styles and grooves in her music and, in so doing, mixes Brazilian music with a couple of jazz standards and one or two famous pop and rock songs. The Brazilian songs, which comprise the majority of the album, are splendidly cool and generate a real sense of positivity and optimism.”

– All About Jazz

“There’s never been any doubt about Sao Paulo-born Elias’ extraordinary skills as a jazz pianist. But her new album, Light My Fire, thoroughly authenticates her equally impressive abilities as a singer. Performing in a brilliantly produced set of songs, she brings stunning new perceptions to everything she sings, from the incredibly atmospheric title track to an unexpected, but delightful version of Paul Desmond’s ‘Take Five.’”

– The International Review of Music

“Showcasing the title tune from her latest release, Elias’ arrangement of the rock standard ‘Light My Fire’ was a bird of a different color, to be sure. Performed with a throbbing, slow pulse which allowed for her accented articulation of ‘few-neh-rahl pyre’, the singer transformed the piece into even darker, more mysterious and languid territory—offset by serpentine strands of piano adventure.”

– San Diego Weekly Reader

“Certainly anyone who’s paid much attention to Elias–-who’s been making brilliant connections between straight-ahead jazz and Brazilian styles for more than two decades–-knows she can take just about anything and turn it into bossa nova magic. Exhibit A on Friday was Stevie Wonder’s ‘My Cherie Amour,’ a highlight from Elias’ new album, Light My Fire. With Elias caressing the lyrics with her breathy, seductive style, you had to pay attention to note the keyboard wizardy she was performing at the same time, slyly injecting the tune with bouncy rhythmic undertones.”

– Examiner.com

“Brazilian piano prodigy Eliane Elias has shined in a myriad of fertile musical formats since bursting onto the jazz scene with the fusion supergroup Steps Ahead back in 1983. On Light My Fire, Elias excels as both a prodding pianist and heartfelt vocalist, on a varied set that celebrates her affinity for pop, jazz, and Brazilian song…Recommended”

– Keyboard

“Elias may well be the finest example of Brazilian jazz musicality ever heard or seen grace the musical stage. Her humility and maturity were so refreshing when contrasted with the greatness of her music, and this was one of the more uplifting aspects of her music: it is not entertainment, it’s pure art. See and hear her now while she is arguably the finest creator of melodic/rhythmic jazz on the scene today. You may just have an unexpected peak experience and be blown away, too.”

– All About Jazz

“One of the joys of listening to jazz music is discovering what the performer can do with a song you already know, particularly if it’s from a different genre. Few are as good at is as pianist/singer/songwriter, Eliane Elias, as she proves on her new album, Light My Fire (Concord Picante, a division of Concord Music Group). Along with four original songs, written or co-written by Elias, the album features unique covers of songs as diverse as the title cut, played slow and sexy and completely different from the original one you remember as recorded by Jim Morrison and The Doors, and ‘My Cherie Amour,’ the Motown pop hit from Stevie Wonder that Elias turns into her own sensual siren’s song.”

– Color Magazine

“Brazil’s Eliane Elias was a widely acclaimed pianist, with both jazz and classical credits, long before she started adding her rich, romantic vocals to the mix. On her latest release, Elias’ singing, in both English and Portuguese, is front and center, as she explores a nicely mixed bag of bossa nova and Latin beats, jazz standards and reimagined rock and pop tunes…And while her vocals are paramount here, Elias’ exceptional piano playing should not be overlooked.”

– New York City Jazz Record

“Why Ms. Elias is not a much bigger star outside the enclave of jazz insiders eludes me.”

– Rex Reed, New York Observer

“She can be lusty and discreet, openly hip and lazily reflective. She can make you sway and reduce you to tears, often simultaneously. She is not, God forbid, a lounge act. There is nothing mechanical about what she does, or how she affects an audience. But she achieves a haunting intimacy that is never ponderous. And she can swing.”

– Rex Reed, New York Observer (Jan. 2009)

“Her warm, rich and full voice, along with her natural affinity for the material, gave her the ability to delight and entertain listeners, and she’s become one of the most popular performers around.”

– Geezer Music Club blog.

“Since Eliane Elias, the superb Brazilian pianist and cool, ethereal vocalist, grew up in Sao Paulo immersed in the rhythms and lyrics of bossa nova, the sensuous samba sound is a key element in her musical DNA. So what you get with these 14 vocal selections is bona fide rather than bogus bossa nova.”

– Hartford Courant (Jan. 27.)

“…it’s an outstanding album — highly recommended, and not just for newbies.”

– Blogcritics.org

“…one of the best recordings celebrating bossa nova’s 50th anniversary.”

– Associated Press (Jan. 21, 2009)

“Her touch on the black-and-whites is as polished and tasty as her vocals.”

– Billboard (Jan. 17, 2009)

“Elias is an astonishing pianist. The best I can do is to explain that I can’t explain. How she does what she does as a pianist remains an enigma to me. That left hand is a store of huge power, the internal voicings and lines are complex, multidirectional, polyrhythmic, there is always masses of information being laid down. And yet, and yet – and this is the miracle- somehow there is always space….. Elias is also a fine idiomatic singer, at her best in the inherently musical inflexions of her native Brazilian Portuguese. She could be singing about anything, but I would gladly stockpile industrial quantities of the Tristeza, Amor and Alegria and the like from her Por Causa De Voce (Don’t Ever Go Away), sung to her own gentle but mesmerising accompaniment.. And as for Call Me by Tony Hatch, Elias’ must -please, please – be the timeless classic, and wipe the memory of the rest.”

– London Jazz Blogspot.com (September 10 2009) live review

“Her Something for You: Eliane Elias Sings and Plays Bill Evans (Blue Note, 2008) justifiably evoked critical acclaim, and her bossa celebration {Bossa Nova Stories} is nothing less than an instant, not-to-be-missed classic turn.”

– All About Jazz (Jan. 2009)

“…what distinguishes Elias as one of today’s leading bossa nova interpreters is her superb musicianship, the way she floats above the rhythm and meshes her vocals with her robust jazz piano accompaniment.”

– Associated Press (Jan. 2009)

“It is all exceptionally beautiful and executed with the utmost intelligence and grace.”

– JazzTimes (Feb. 2009)

“The São Paulo-born pianist/singer makes music with both classical sensibility and jazz sounds hard and soft. But it’s her take on bossa nova that is most intriguing.”

– Philly.com (Jan. 18, 2009)

“Elias has an exquisite voice and a deft touch on the piano.”

– The Other Paper (Columbus, OH, Jan. 2009)

“Eliane Elias remains one of the top bossa nova interpreters, in addition to her skills in many other jazz styles.”

– All Music Guide (Jan. 2009)

“Eliane Elias singing, integrated with her piano, makes her a unique interpreter of melody and song. On ‘Bossa Nova Stories’ her vocal delivery is a marvel of rhythmic freedom, swinging beautifully, and wonderfully integrated with the syncopations of her piano, or in counterpoint to the rhythm of the guitar. This is a true musician singing. Her voice, vocal phrasing, feel and interpretation place her at the top of this genre.”

– Band Weblogs


Elias sings with a slight Portuguese accent … comparisons to Astrud Gilberto are inevitable. But Elias’ voice is richer, more emotionally resonant, and is absolutely beguiling.

– Dan McClenaghan

“Eliane Elias’ return to the Blue Note label after a decade working elsewhere (Something For You) is a triumph!”

– All Music Guide Review by Ken Dryden, 4½ star review

Something for You is not only a heartfelt and pitch-perfect tribute to Evans, but also a personal triumph for Elias, one of the strongest albums of her career… sultry, suede-smooth vocals…

– All About Jazz New York , January 2008

Virtuosismo e Elegancia… (Something for You)

– Jose Miguel Sebastian , El Pais, Spain

Brazilian pianist/vocalist Eliane Elias returns to Blue Note after a seven-year hiatus with this wonderful tribute to Bill Evans… the variety of interpretive approaches assayed by Elias and her collaborators is, in itself, a highlight. Some are terrific trio instrumental, such as “You and the Night and the Music,” “Five” and “Blue in Green.” while solo efforts “I Love My Wife” and “For Nenette” highlight Elias’ keyboard virtuosity.

– Billboard Something for You


Eliane Elias is to jazz what Sade and Basia are to pop – a gifted vocal ballerina who glides across notes with whisper light her voice seemingly floating on a puffy cloud of comfortable lyricism almost as if she is sailing on a breeze.

– 365Gay.com

On “Around The City”, pianist Elias assigns the keys a back seat in support of her alluring, sensuous vocals sung in English and Portuguese. The Brazil-born, New York-based Elias has played the singer card before in her 18-album career, but nothing like this outing, where she delivers a spellbinding meld of pop, Brazillian and Latin music with a jazz sensibility.

– Billboard Spotlight Review August 14, 2006

…”If you love Julia Fordham, and who doesn’t, Sade and you have a real appreciation for jazz, this 13 track release has something for you to enjoy and savor over a glass of wine”.

– Outlook Magazine Arizona August 11, 2006

The Brazilian bossa nova beauty’s 18th album is an essential summer chill-out CD, gorgeously blending smooth instrumentals and Elias’ subtle, mesmerizing voice. (Around the City)

– NEXT MAGAZINE Review Spin Control by Gregory T. Angelo


“… the pianist Eliane Elias ….. singing in a sensuous alto and contributing a handsome ballad. Some of the guests, like Ms. Elias, achieved a sparkling charisma.”

– NY Times

“Dreamer presents a sensuous blend of strings, singing and deft piano playing….her singing drifts above the melody in a sexy cloud. …. With its many moods and lovely turns, this record is the aural equivalent of a beautiful and graceful woman dancing in the dark.”

– The Hartford Courant

“Luscious and dreamy… her voice is subtle and husky… subdued beauty, expressive melodic lines and very integrated ensemble work.”

– Billboard

“The undoubted charm is the haunting quality of Elias’ delicate, whispery vocals. Beautiful and bewitching”

– Mojo (London)

“Elias’ singing is like a warm breeze from the south – its pleasures are undeniable. Elias’ tunes have a winning breeziness about them, and her piano playing remains marvelously impressionistic in a Bill Evans-meets-Antonio Carlos Jobim sort of way”

– Boston Herald

“Eliane Elias, blessed with a warm voice and elegant pianist’s touch, hits all the right chords. Elias delivers seductive tones and textures of her native Brazil, joining them with masterful jazz tonalities.”

– Global Rhythm

“One of the most enchanting and relaxing albums in quite a while. She sings perfect music for a lazy afternoon out in the sun or romantic dinner.. Treat yourself to an audio island paradise with Eliane Elias and Dreamer!”

– Buzz Magazine

“Elias delivers soft and swinging music hip and hot enough for North and South america. Whether the groove is acoustic or electronica jazz or same, it’s all Eliane Elias, and it’s all good.”

– amazon.com

“Glamour with Genuine Talent …. major labels are taking a second look at female pianists who can sing and are easy on the eye. Eliane Elias is a case in point. A solid pianist familiar with all the modern-jazz icons from Bud Powell to Herbie Hancock, she has been traveling in fast jazz company for years, but only now are the business-suits taking stock of her extra-curricular assets. When she stepped on stage last night, her trim figure shoe-horned into a black catsuit with side-slashed trouser-legs, conversation died. This was glamour that put movie actresses in the shade. Then there wqs her voice, a husky instrument with the offhand, lightly-accented charm of a latter-day Astrud Gilberto. And her face, which radiated the joy of musicmaking. Her material was familiar, bossa nova classics (Agua de Beber, Fotografia) and standards (Tangerine) as featured in her new BMG album, Dreamer, but she put it over impressively. Ruminative intros burst into forceful, creative solos that kept her quartet at full stretch. Glamorous she may be, but Eliane is all musician….. She’s quite a talent. ”

– Evening Standard, London, UK, July 9 2004 (of the live performance on July 8 in London)

“Dreamer captures Elias in a musical setting that is elegant, sophisticated, sensual, and romantic.”

– Outsmart

“Eliane Elias’ unhurried, seductive delivery of Dreamer does Brazilian jazz proud, whether she’s singing in Portuguese (Jobim’s “Vivo Sonhando”) or English (Mercer’s “Tangerine”). Her formidable keyboard skills, meanwhile, take center stage on the thumping “Doralice.” However, it’s Elias’ own original contribution, the richly romantic “Time Alone” that proves what a complex talent she really is. ”

– Genre

“… Jazz pianist/vocalist Elias [mixes] gems from the American songbook with bossa novas and original work. A deceptively low-key start on the Big Band-era gem “Tangerine” soon glides into something swingingly irresistible. Elias’ tender cooing of “Call Me” and pensive keyboarding on “A House Is Not A Home” bookend this elegant, sensual and romantic set.”

– HX Magazine

“Dreamer makes a great backdrop for a romantic, candle-lit dinner for two with red wine and chocolatecovered strawberries for dessert. Clothing optional…….. ”

– Between The Lines

“That the album so vividly conjures old Hollywood or pre-Castro Cuba speaks to the success of the collection. Elias’s deep, breathy vocals and crisp piano are perfect for the collection this renowned jazz pianist has assembled.”

“Whether pianist or vocalist, Eliane Elias sings beautifully throughout Dreamer, as she’s done so often in the past. While all the songs on Dreamer are beautifully done, Call Me, Baubles Bangles and Beads, So Nice , Doralice and the two originals deserve extra attention…”

– Jazz Review.com

“…These are songs that make you want to dance, or make you wish that you knew how.”

– Edge, Boston

“…It’s a tasteful album, made so by Elias’ seductive, husky vocals, the subtle string orchestration and an overall Brazilian feel. Most impressive is when Elias takes command of her piano, as in the coda to “Baubles, Bangles and Beads,” and when she performs her own material. Notably, the gospel-tinged “Movin’ Me On” is surprising for a musician who excels in traditional bossa novas.

-Billboard May 15, 2004

“….Elias’ vocals have a nice sense of intimacy. But it is her fine piano spots that are the most appealing aspects of the album….[ Her singing] on Dorival Caymmi’s marvelously elastic “Doralice,” swings happily through the song’s effervescent melody.”

– Los Angeles Times April 18, 2004

“…[Eliane] is backed throughout by the lush sounds of an orchestra, and here Elias the singer is front and center, accompanied by Elias the exquisite pianist. The result is a dreamy, elegant and sensual 53 minutes of romantic jazz. Elias’ low, breathy, intimate, nearly vibrato-less instrument both shapes and fits the mood perfectly, while Rob Mathes’ lush orchestral arrangements create a lacy fabric that is tasteful and nonintrusive. The CD is nicely paced; “Baubles, Bangles and Beads,” ‘”Tangerine,” and “Doralice” are the lighter, more up-tempo selections that keep things moving. The album closes with its only instrumental number, Bacharach and David’s “A House Is Not a Home,” where Eliane’s pure, crystalline tone and velvety touch have their moment to shine. ”

– J. Robert Bragonier all about jazz

“…sumptuous seduction. Eliane Elias is the real thing, a very good pianist and a singer whose style is the result of a great deal of artistic subtlety, and a musician who here resides in her perfect home, bringing the most sinuous of rhythmic touches to such shiny songs as Call Me and Baubles, Bangles and Beads. ….Exceptionally smooth on the surface but with some very satisfying hidden depths. One of the classiest releases of the year.”

– Birmingham Post (UK)

“…Elias’ piano work on these 11 tracks is as effortlessly elegant as ever….[Dreamer is] lush and luxurious. Listening to Elias through mink-lined arrangements of “Call Me”, “That’s All”, “So Nice”, “Baubles,Bangles and Beads” and various other misty sentiments- is rather like lazing on Copacabana beach watching soft clouds play hide-and-seek with the statley Sugarloaf. Each sun-dappled track is appropriately dreamy, none more so than two Elias originals-the easy-flowing “Movin’ Me On” and the meditative “Time Alone”. Keeneared samba fans will also recognize Elias’ cunning nod to Stan Getz on “Doralice”.

– JazzTimes Magazine, September 2004 by Christopher Loudon

“The Sao Paulo-born artist, has long been one of the underrated pianists of her generation. “Desafinado” was a showcase demonstration of her mature jazz skills, via improvised choruses that brilliantly blended the passionate intensity of urban bop-driven phrasing with the floating rhythms of bossa nova. Elias’ vocals were sung in pleasantly laid-back fashion. … [and ] on marvelous”

– Concert review from the performance at Hollywood Bowl

“The music of Eliane Elias speaks quite confidently for itself as well, reaffirming her stature as one of the most complete and compelling stylists in music today.”

– Mark Holston, Americas Magazine

“Brisk, imaginative, and intoxicating.”

– The Philadelphia City Paper