Marc Johnson – Shades of Jade

Release Date


Record Label

ECM Records

Track Listing

1. Ton Sur Ton
2. Apareceu
3. Shades of Jade
4. In 30 Hours
5. Blue Nefertiti
6. Snow
7. Since You Asked
8. Raise
9. All Yours
10. Don't Ask of Me

Release Biography

Eliane Elias collaborates with Marc Johnson on the ECM recording “Shades of Jade” released September 13, 2005. Eliane ‘s compositions and piano are featured in this critically acclaimed recording produced by Eliane Elias and Manfred Eicher. “Shades of Jade” was featured in TIME MAGAZINE , October 17 issue “5 CDS THAT REALLY SWING”, as one of the five top jazz releases of the year. It was selected by the Chicago Tribune as one of the 10 best Jazz recordings of 2005 and also received the “Danish Music Award” for Best Foreign Release in 2005.

“Shades of Jade”, a mature jazz album, with a classic, timeless feel, makes sense of the range of Johnson’s experience, and stresses his compositional skills. It also features one of the most melodically-inventive pianists in modern jazz in Eliane Elias, the CD’s other primary composer. Restlessly-inventive drummer Joey Baron rounds out the core trio; tenor saxophonist Joe Lovano adds his own inimitable shading and solos of profundity, and guitarist John Scofield, always an exciting player, renews acquaintances 20 years after recording on Johnson’s “Bass Desires.”

… Elias contributes four introspective compositions that showcase her idiosyncratic jazz vocabulary, which draws on both North American and Brazilian music. (Elias has also recorded ‘classical’ repertoire from Bach to Chopin and Ravel for EMI Classics). The Elias compositions “Snow” and “All Yours” – which features a stately solo by Johnson – are piano trio settings for her haunting melodies, harmonic sense, and exquisite touch. The pianist sounds more self-assured than ever before. “She’s so versatile, and so deep a talent,” Johnson says. “She can do just about anything, and do it really well. We’ve been playing together for so long that there are little subtle things between us that you can’t even measure; a chemistry from playing for so many years. And writing together means the record really has Eliane’s stamp on it.”

“Shades of Jade” gives an index of Johnson’s versatility, from ballads and blues to piano trio jazz and chamber music. His chemistry with Elias and Baron is undeniable…

Personnel: Joe Lovano: tenor saxophone, John Scofield: guitar, Eliane Elias: piano, Marc Johnson: double-bass, Joey Baron: drums, Alain Mallet: organ